Monday, June 28, 2010

About Jimmy Ng

Hello, welcome to my blog. Thank you for taking the time to visit. My name is Jimmy Ng. I'm now residing in Sabah aka "Land Below The Wind" an eastern state of Malaysia. If you happen to come to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for holidays, do give me a tinkle so that we can meet up and a have a drink or two.

I've already turned fifty(50) this year and looking forward to my retirement in five(5) years from now. I'm married to my beautiful wife, Doremi Lodunga and has recently celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary on May 20, 2010. I'm very thankful to God for bestowing unto me four(4) wonderful children, two(2) boys and two(2) girls. My eldest daughter, Jospehine Ng has just completed her diploma in May, 2010. My second daughter, Jennifer Ng is in her 1st year in college, my eldest son, Jerry Ng is in secondary school while my youngest son, Jason Ng is still in primary school. I have always strive to provide them my utmost support to the best of my ability. To be a good and responsible parents in modern times is not an easy job. As our communities evolve to adapt to changes, demands and challenges of modern times, it is not easy to cope up with this either. I was once asked by my friend this question: What're your best assets? Well, I would say, my best assets are my wife and children. They're my hope and salvation besides GOD.

I am a computer technician by profession so obviously searching the internet for informations is a norm in my daily activities. I used to receive mails about making money online which I normally ignore and flush to my thrash bins. I was not interested at all until one day a good friend of mine, Jetsantana introduced me the idea which initially I was quite skeptical and kind of disinterested. Always true to its saying, "Curiosity kills a cat", I digged further for more informations and opportunities making money online, I was quite impressed. Without doubt, the internet will definitely become the next "Biggest Marketplace" on earth and it's happening right now. Today, the internet has made our world to become a borderless world, changing the way we interact or communicate with each other and has bring tremendous impact changes to our daily lives. Besides it has produce plenty opportunities and many success stories as well. As more and more people go online which is happening everyday right now, there's indeed a big market out there. All you've to do is to tap the markets and give them what they want. Bingo, you'll be laughing your way to the bank. It looks and sounds so simple, isn't it? Read On....

Like most newbies joining the Internet Marketing bandwagon for the very first time, you're bound to bump into lots and lots of offers, systems, ideas and not forgetting the HYPES. Everybody is trying out their luck to catch a bite of the pie . The internet is just like a big ocean full of new terms which are alien to you. Being new, everything sounds good and you're tempted to try out as much as your budget can allow you to. Please be prepared for disappointments and failures. It's not full of roses but lots of pitfalls out there. You've been warned.

Honestly speaking, I've only made USD20 as of today, from my adsense account, that's it. I'm not going to hide behind bushes claiming to have made it. No, I did not make it. I've to admit I've failed miserably since I started about two(2) years ago. Not only that, it has burnt a big hole in my pocket too. To some, it's a shame but not for me. Failure is not very important. It is how you overcome it is. All these failures will not stop me from trying instead it will make me wiser and stronger. What do you do when you fall down? That's right GET UP! Below is an inspirational video clip I wish to share with you guys out there. I hope you'll be as strong as he is. I also hope you'll be motivated and inspired to MOVE ON.

Below are some of my personal assets on the internet. I'm the proud owner of these websites which are personally created by myself with the experience I gathered from the internet thus far. It's not really popular yet. Never mind about the fact, it's the fun, thrill and experience that I'm after that matters most. Well, not every fifty(50) years old bloke can do it, at least I have done it. Cheers!

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I love buidling websites. It's my passion and personal enjoyment. I intend to build more websites and hope to increase my lists eventually. Thank you again for dropping by. Hope you enjoy reading my personal profile. Please check back for further developments.

My Best Wishes to you. Have a nice and wonderful day. Bye-bye.

Jimmy Ng

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