Thursday, July 29, 2010

Healthy Walking Exercise

In fact, I've always wanted to blog about my daily morning healthy walking exercise routine but somehow I kept on delaying and procrastinating. Finally I've decided to proceed and go for it. This blog shall serve as my personal report card of what I've done to improve my health.

I started my healthy walking exercise every morning in late September, 2008. So by September, 2010 it will be my second year. Time really flies. Should I've started blogging this activities I would have 2 years of record. Isn't that great?

It's really a nice walking spot. Full of fresh, clean air with a very serene environment.  It's located near a busy highway easily accessible but without the worries about accidents by unscrupulous drivers.  It's fun to do your healthy walking exercise there.  Having saying that,  I wish to share some of the photos that was taken on 25-09-2008 when I first started.

(1) It's me at the start of the walking track.

 (2) It's me and my youngest son at the top.

(3) My wife and my youngest son at the top

(4) My former walking buddies at the top (Unfortunately all of them has stopped)

(5) Top view of the surrounding areas

It takes about 235 walking steps to reach to the top of the hill.  It's not really high but it's a tough journey all the way up for the first time. I still remember, I almost quit after three(3) laps when I first started.  By walking up and going down to the starting point at the bottom I would consider it as one(1) lap.  So on a daily basis, I would normally complete five(5) laps the most unless on Saturday where I might go for the maximum of ten(10) laps.  It usually takes me about 35-40 minutes to complete my five(5) laps and this healthy activity makes me sweat heavily, a very good healthy walking exercise indeed.  I'll be performing this healthy walking exercise from Monday to Saturday on a daily basis except if it's raining in the morning.  However, Sunday will be my rest day, so there will be no morning walk for me. 

DATELINE - 29-07-2010
With effect from today, 29-07-2010, I'm going to create a journal of my daily healthy walking exercise activities.  It'll be the same daily routine that might be boring to you guys but I prefer to take it as a challenge.  There're 365 days in a year and minus 52 sundays, leaving 313 days left.  So out of the 313 days, how many days do I devote myself for the betterment of my health?  My journey shall start from today :-

(1) Started this morning at 5.55am

(2) Bright shining full moon

(3) Finished my five(5) laps at 6.28am

Actually, it's not really that dark, maybe there's something wrong with my camera.  The weather was very nice this morning, a little gloomy and chilling.  It's really refreshing when the morning breeze hits against my face on the way downhill.  Sometimes one or two of my new walking buddies are present but this morning, they didn't come.  It's okay being the lone ranger today.  It's good to have walking buddies around during the walk as it won't be too boring.

DATELINE - 30-07-2010
(1) Started off a little early this morning

(2) Look at the moon, it's bright and shining

(3) Reaching the top on my first lap

(4) Half-way up on my first lap, I noticed one of my friend, Nabah Hj. Muda has turned up so I waited at the top to take a shot at him.  Anyhow, it's not very clear.  I'll take a better picture of him tomorrow morning if he turns up.

(5) On the way down on our 4th laps, another friend, Ening Chua has arrived waiting for us for the 5th lap

(6) Nabah and me has finished our 5th laps at 6.31am.  So it was time for us to split our ways.  Eric continued with his healthy walking exercise

(7) Some snapshots of the surrounding area.

I noticed something strange about my camera.  Look at my first shot, today it's not really that dark.  Visibility was still ok.   Maybe it's time to look for a new camera.  My present camera is Canon Powershop A420.  I also got one FujiFilm which has 3x optical zoom and 10 megapixels that cost me around RM600 but sadly it's out of service now.....condemned.

DATELINE - 31-07-2010
(1) While on my way to the healthy walking exercise spot, it was drizzling a little but that did not dampened my spirit. 

(2) The sky  was quite dark and gloomy, covered by thick cloud.   Looked like it was going to rain soon.  During the last 2 days, I could managed to photograph the moon but this morning it wasn't visible at all.

(3) As I was about to start my walk, I notice my friend, Ary Mohd Rahman (66 yearls old) has almost arrive.  I waited for him to walk together as it is always nice to have a company during the walk.


(4) Towards the end of our 4th lap, 2 more friends has just arrived.   On the left is a retired teacher, Mr. Foo while the one on the left is James Tai, who will be retiring soon sometime next year.


(5)  I managed to take the opportunity to take 2 more shots of my friends at the top on my last lap.

(6) Ary and myself has completed our 5th lap at 6.45am.    I've to leave to fetch my son to school today.  So I didn't exceed my 5 laps which I normally do on Saturdays.  Foo and James continued with their healthy walking exercise.

(7) Before I left, I took a shot of our 'parking bay'.

I was happy it didn't rain this morning that allowed to complete my 5 laps today.  Did you notice something?  Most of us that come here are elderly people that cherished the importance of exercise.  Looks like the younger generations are a lazy lot.   They spend less time exercising these days.  It's  really sad.....
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