Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Sunday Activity

DATELINE : 08.08.2010 (Sunday)

Yahoo, it's sunday today.  I like sunday 'cos it is my rest day.  Free from all working pressures I face daily.  I don't perform any healthy walking exercise this morning which I normally do from Mon - Saturday.  I guess six(6) days of exercise is already good enough for me.  I want to pamper myself to be a "lazy bump" today.  Also, I wanted to spend time posting some articles to update my other blogs.   However there was a sudden power shortages (it is happening quite often in my area lately) which deny me the opportunity at that moment.  This prompted me to go out to do my grocery shopping which not every male likes to do.  Most will leave this chores to their wifes but NOT me.  In fact, to me it's a very interesting activity and  makes me aware how prices of essential goods such as meats, vegetables, eggs, sugar, etc have gone up lately due to recession.  From here you know why your wife is complaining about not having enough money to do her groceries shopping lately.  :-)

(1)  I usually buy my meat from this store where there're plenty of fresh meat to choose from and especially a very friendly pork seller.

(2) Next I went to buy a 'whole' chicken meat.  Whole chicken meat is cheaper than chicken parts 'cos you can't choose the parts as you like not forgetting the labour cost of chopping and separating the parts.

(3) I only bought pork and chicken this morning no vegetables.  Next I proceeded to eat one of my favourite morning dishes called 'Nasi Lemak'.  It's one of the best in my town area.  At times when I arrived late (after 8.00am) it's already sold out.  Judging from here, you know why I said "it's one of the best in town".

My nasi lemak and black coffee

My nephew cum technician, Rayner

I've to rush home after my breakfast.  My wife and children are waiting for the car to attend sunday church service.  It's use to be packed on Sunday so it' better to be early to get some good seats.

My personal opinion is fresh meats are always better than frozen cold storage meat.  When cooked it obviously tastes better.  I guess it's an indisputable fact.  That's one of the reason why I like to do my own grocery shopping.  Not only that I can buy what I like to eat then instruct my wife to cook for me.  She's a good cook and I love her cookings very much.  Sadly not all women cook well, that includes my eldest daughter, Josephine (already 21). Sigh!   Fortunately my second daughter, Jennifer (19) is quite a good cook herself.  Kudos to her for that.  Ladies cooking is another secret weapons to "hook up" your hubbies, also  an important element of being a "Good Wife" as well.  Some of you might argue but I'm an advocator to open discussions.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Healthy Walking Exercise

DATELINE:  31.08.2010 (Tuesday)

(1)  Started my healthy walking exercise this morning at 6.07am

(2)  Pictures taken during my walk

(3)  There were four (4) persons that turned up this morning.  It's great to see more people coming here to exericse.

Thomas and Si Tanggang

Mr. Chin of Concept Marketing

Tuan Guru Besar (I forgot to ask for his name, my apology)

(4)  Completed my morning walk at 7.02am

Today is National Day in my country, so it's a public holiday.  I don't have to fetch my children to school.   Therefore I had plenty of time to perform my healthy walking exercise without any rush.  Thomas and Si Tanggang came after my 2nd lap while Chin and Guru Besar after my 3rd lap.  I love to see lots of people coming here.  Thomas and Si Tanggang left after completing their 5th laps while I stayed to accompany Chin to complete his 5th laps which is my 8th laps.  It was a wonderful walk eventhough tiring.  Mr. Chin who is frequently performing his morning walk at the football field around our town area(located about 5km from here) conceded that this place is indeed a great walking track.  He illustrated that he hardly sweat  eventhough having completed 10 laps at the football field down town but over here he's perspiring and sweating heavily after only completed 5 laps.  So, you see how challeging it is to perform your walking exercise over here. It has now become my favourite spot.

DATELINE:  30.08.2010 (Monday)

(1)  Started my healthy walking exercise at 5.51am

(2)  Pictures taken during my morning walk.

(3)  Completed my 5th lap at 6.26am

It was an almost clear sky this morning.  I could feel the morning breeze blowing quite strongly.  None of my friends turn up and I had to walk alone.  Since I got no one to talk to, I tried to get myself entertain by listening to the songs sung by the birds.  Well, it's quite entertaining anyway.  It would be even nicer to understand what they are talking about.

DATELINE:  29.08.2010 (Sunday)

Today is my rest day, no morning walk.

DATELINE:  28.08.2010 (Saturday)

(1)  Started my healthy walking exercise this morning at 6.09am

(2)  Pictures taken during my morning walk

(3)  Completed my 5th laps at 6.42am

Both Thomas and Tanggang arrived after my 1st lap.  I was happy to see them around and it made  the walk more entertaining.  We've named this place our "Health Clinic" which is free and effective.  The only cost is to have a commitment to come here and walk.  Walking up a hill is unlike walking on a flat land like a football field.  For those that had came here before, I was told  one lap over here is equivalent to  3 laps jogging  on a football field.  Since I've to fetch my son to school this morning, I 've to leave after my 5th laps and they continued with their morning walk.

DATELINE:  27.08.2010 (Friday)

(1) Started my healthy walking exercise this morning at 5.54am

(2)  Pictures taken during my morning walk.

(3)  Completed my 5th laps at 6.28am

The sky was clear and not cloudy and I managed to snap the bright full moon on my way up.  After my 1st lap,  Tanggang arrived and I had a tough further 4 laps to compete with him.  He's sure a fast walker and it was really exhausting to keep up with his pace.   While I left after completed my 5th laps, he continued with his morning walk.

DATELINE:  26.08.2010 (Thursday)

(1) Started my healthy walking exercise this morning at 5.54am

(2)  Pictures taken during my walk.

(3)  Completed my 5th lap at 6.28am

I didn't have many opportunities to take exciting pictures of the sky this morning.  I thought I could but thick clouds were building up at the opposite prevented me this opportunity.  The first and last picture are just acting as my timer as I don't like wearing any watch.  Anyhow, I was walking alone which could be boring at times but I could listen to some bird chirpings and singings which was rather entertaining.

DATELINE:  25.08.2010 (Wednesday)

(1) Started my healthy walking exercise this morning at 5.55am

(2)  Pictures taken during my morning walk.

(3)  Completed my 5th laps this morning at 6.29am

I'm walking alone this morning.  So my walk was not as aggressive as during the last 2 days when Tanggang was around.  Like yesterday the clouds were thick at the opposite end which shielded the sun and prevented me from taking my favourite photosnap, i.e. the sunrise.  It's okay don't be despair there is always another tomorrow.  The breeze was great this morning, blowing strongly which enable me to admire its freshness and coolness.  You can't get this feeling every morning, sometimes it's calm without any breeze at all making you feeling hot, humid and exhausted.

DATELINE:  24.08.2010 (Tuesday)

(1) Started my healthy walking exercise this morning at 5.54am

(2)  Here are some pictures I took during my walk this morning.

(3)  Hey, I'm not walking alone this morning.  I've company.

(4)  Completed my 5th laps this morning at 6.28am

My challenger, Tanggang arrived during my 2nd lap. Just like what I mentioned yesterday, he's really a fast walker.  It's not easy to keep up the walking pace with him.  I struggled  during my last 3 laps chasing after him.  It was exhaustive and I could felt my muscles tiring out during my final lap.  Anyhow this morning the breeze was great, I could felt it blowing strongly against my face with all its freshness.  What a great feeling after all.

DATELINE:  23.08.2010 (Monday)

(1)  Started my healthy walking exercise this morning at 5.57am

(2)  Pictures taken during my morning walk.


(3)  I was not walking alone this morning, Si Tanggang did turn up.  He came after my 3rd lap.

(4)  Completed my 5th lap at 6.31am

Tanggang is a speed walker.  With his presence, I'll have to walk faster to catch up with him.   Imagine yourself walking up a hill slope at a faster pace.  Even for a first timer walking up at normal speed,  is already a tough and tiring journey all the way up.  For those that have not  come here before, it  may sound simple and easy.  Wait till you try it.  So, my last 2 laps was really challenging and strenuous.  It made me feel totally exhausted and sweated heavily.  Anyway, I really love the challenge.

DATELINE:  22.08.2010 (Sunday)

Sunday is my rest day, so no healthy walking exercise for me today.

DATELINE:  21.08.2010 (Saturday)

(1) Started my healthy walking exercise at 6.05am this morning.

(2)  This pictures were taken during my walk this morning.

(3)  I'm happy to have some companions this morning.

(4)  Completed my morning walk at 6.47am

What a great day.  As I don't need to fetch my children to school today so I completed 6 laps this morning.  I'm also happy that my friend, Thomas Tai and one family (new to me as I've not seen them before) turned up.  I wish to see lots of people coming here for their morning walk.  To me, this place is really a wonderful place to perform our exercise.  You don't have to run but just by walking up (at your own pace) this  cemented stretch up the hill you're already doing a great service to your personal health.

DATELINE:  20.08.2010 (Friday)

(1) Started my healthy walking exercise at 5.54am this morning.

(2) Below are some pictures I took this morning.

(3) Completed my 5 laps at 6.28am

It was a great morning.  Weather was fine and clouds were spread out evenly.  No noticeable thick clouds like yesterday that shielded the sun.  The morning breeze was moderate and it added some boost to my energy level and I don't feel hot and tired which I normally feel if there isn't any breeze at all.  I'm happy that the weather was kind to me and allowed me to snap some great pictures as well.  So, I'm killing two birds with one stone.....(i)getting fit and healthy with my daily morning walk  (ii)an opportunity to practice my amateur photoshooting skill as well.  I feel awesome and I do hope you feel that too.  Cheers!

DATELINE:  19.08.2010 (Thursday)

(1) Started off my morning walk at 5.53am.  All pictures are taken without using any flash with my camera.

(2)  These are some of the pictures taken during my walk this morning.

(3)  Completed my 5 laps this morning at 6.29am

There's not much breeze this morning.  It made me feel almost exhausted.  I normally get the chance to take some snap shots of the sunrise during my 4th laps but not this morning.  It seems the sun was shielded by clouds and can hardly to be seen.  So you see, not every morning I'm that lucky. 

DATELINE:  18.08.2010 (Wednesday)

(1) Started my healthy walking exercise this morning at 5.53am.  Coincidentally also the same time as yesterday morning.

(2) Forgot to replace my camera battery again so I only managed to take only a few photos.

 (3) Finished my 5 laps at 6.26am

I was walking alone this morning. Sometimes when walking alone, I tend to increase my speed so that I can  complete my 5 laps as fast as possible.  Eventhough at this pace it's quite tiring and exhausting but what I admire  most is the morning breeze which was blowing quite strongly this morning.  It did help me to alleviate my tiredness and made me more refresh.

DATELINE: 17.08.2010 (Tuesday)

(1) Started my morning walk this morning at 5.53am.  Forgot to change my batteries so the first picture will be dark.  :-)

(2) Below are pictures I've taken this morning during my walk.

(3) Finished my 5 laps at 6.28am

One of the frequent walker nicknamed "Tanggang" arrived at 6.20am during my 4th lap.  I managed to take a picture of him at the top.  He used to be earlier than me and came as early at 5.00am.  Unfortunately he has slackened at little and has not come often lately.  Anyhow it's great to have some company. and I'm happy he came today.  The breeze was great this morning and was blowing strongly.  It did make me feel fresh and great indeed.

DATELINE: 16.08.2010 (Monday)

(1) Started my healthy walking exercise this morning at 5.53am.  I always like to take a picture from my starting point.  There's a warning sign that the battery is weak, that's why the picture taken is extremely dark.

(2) These are some of the pictures taken during my morning walk.

(3)  Finished my 5 laps at 6.26am

There was heavy rain that started around 2.40pm yesterday evening .  I remember it was still drizzling when I went to bed at about at 10.30pm last night.  Luckily it didn't continue until this morning.  The weather was fine except that it's a bit cloudy.  The breeze was strong this morning and maybe because of the rain last night it's a little chilly.  I enjoyed my walk this morning and didn't feel the tiredness which I felt on Saturday.

DATELINE: 15.08.2010 (Sunday)

My rest day.

DATELINE: 14.08.2010 (Saturday)

(1) I started my healthy walking exercise this morning at 5.59am.  It's the same time I started yesterday morning.  What a coincidence.

(2)  The weather was fine.  Here are some of the pictures I took this morning.


(3)  I completed my healthy walking exercise  this morning at about 6.37am.  I only performed 5 laps as I've to rush off to fetch my children to school today.  I'm happy some of my friends turned up.  It feels great to have friends around where we can talk about current issues happening within our communities.  The breeze was very weak this morning and I found it does affect my performance.  I felt warmed, tired and sweating heavily but I felt great after the exercise.

DATELINE: 13.08.2010 (Friday)

(1) I started my healthy walking exercise this morning at 5.59am

(2) While almost at the top on my first lap.  I thought it was going to rain as I could feel a few rain drops falling down on my head.  Fortunately it didn't.  I managed to snap a few pictures but they're not as fascinating when compared to the previous 2 mornings.

(3) I completed my 5th lap at 6.33am

 I'm happy I could complete my morning walk without any interuptions.  Luckily the few intermitten drops did not turn into shower/rain.  This morning the breeze was okay.  I could feel it but not very strong.  Since I'm walking alone I paid attention to the chirping sounds made by birds in the surrounding area.  It sounded really sweet to listen too.

DATELINE: 12.08.2010 (Thursday)

(1) Started my healthy walking exercise at 5.54am.  Just like yesterday, the weather was fine.

(2) Having a camera is handy and it allows you to capture moments where you least expected to see.  Today the weather was kind to me and I managed to take some very nice photographs.

(3) I completed my 5 laps at 6.31am.

It was a great morning for me feeling fresh and energetic.  There was only a tiny bit of morning breeze and I felt a little tired and heaty.  Eventhough walking alone but I was happy that I was able to capture some very interesting pictures today.  It's nice to watch how the clouds and weather transformed in the sky every few minutes and I'm happy to share with you.

DATELINE: 11.08.2010 (Wednesday)

(1) Started off my healthy walking exercise at 5.55am.  The weather was fine this morning unlike yesterday dark and gloomy.

(2) Today is the first day of fasting month for my muslim friends so they won't be joining me for at least a month later.  Anyhow I wish to extend my best wishes to all my muslim friend(s) who is following the progress of my blog (if any :-) A Happy Fasting Month. Actually, I'm 'alone' this morning, however I noticed there's a little bird keeping an eye on me.  Thank you for the attention birdie.  :-)

(3) It was a very good morning to me.  I managed to snap some very interesting pictures which I like to share with you guys.  Hope you enjoy this magnificient views.

(4) Finished my 5th laps at 6.29am

I'm very happy that the weather was fine and I managed to complete (5 laps) my morning walk as usual without any interruptions like yesterday.  As you can see from the pictures above, I took a couple of great shots of this morning sunrise.  Some of these pictures are enlarged to display the beauty of these scenes.  The morning breeze was great and I truly enjoy myself.  What a great morning, this is.

DATELINE:  10.08.2010 (Tuesday)

(1) It was raining (not heavy) when I woke up at about 5.30am but then stopped at about 6.03am.  Despite the fact it was still drizzling a little bit, I proceeded to start my healthy walking exercise at 6.06am.  The clouds were thickening and building up for another round of rain very soon.

(2)  Seeing that drizzling will at any moment turned into rain very soon I finished my 3rd laps at 6.25am

I'm glad to have the opportunity to perform my healthy walking exercise eventhough only managed to complete 3 laps this morning.  It's okay, better than nothing at all.  Perhaps some of you might be thinking I'm crazy knowing that it's going to rain soon but yet I proceeded.  Well, my point is not to give myself excuses of not doing my morning walk. Unless if it's really raining otherwise no excuses for not walking.  I still remember last year how I've stopped walking continuously for almost two(2) weeks because I've excuses and procrastinated.  This year I want to discipline myself to achieve the determination that I've set forth and get rid of my procrastination.  That was the reason why this journal was created in the first place....i.e. my personal report card to review my performances and achievements.

DATELINE:  09.08.2010 (Monday)

(1) Started my healthy walking exercise at 5.51am. It looked dark and gloomy this morning with thick clouds covering the sky.

(2)  Greeted with gushing rush of flowing water with splashing loud sound. It's the flushing out of excessive water from the reservior located at the top of the hill.

(3)  I'm happy that I'm not walking alone this morning.  I've the company of my neighbour, En. Zaratin who came a minute later than me  then En. Nabah who arrived after our first lap.

(4)  Took a nice picture of Zaratin and Nabah at the top on our final laps.

(5)  The weather was not really good.  It's cloudy.  However, I managed to take a snapshot of Mt. Kinabalu at the opposite end.

(6)  The thick clouds has prevented me from taking shots of the morning sunrise which is usually visible on my 5th laps.

Completed my healthy walking exercise around 6.30am.  Thank God it didn't rain.  The breeze was great this morning, like yesterday, it's blowing quite strongly.  The gushing water did not stop either.  Just for fun, I took a nice clip for you guys to enjoy.  Hope you like it.

DATELINE: 08.08.2010 (Sunday)

Sunday is my rest day.  There won't be any healthy walking exercise activity this morning.  When I passed by at about 7.05am, I did not see any car in the parking bay, meaning most probably nobody turned up.  Wow, now I realised how consistent I am.  :-)  However, I did my other activity ("My Sunday Activity") instead. 

Talk soon.  Have a nice and productive weekends.

DATELINE: 07.08.2010 (Saturday)

(1) Started my healthy walking exercise this morning at 6.01am  Weather was fine and looking great.

(2) Took a snapshot while on my way down on my first lap.

(3) Some snapshots of new faces En. Azrul and En. Usin that arrived this morning.

(4) The 2 regulars (En. Rahman & Mr. Thomas) that usually turned up on every Saturdays.

(5) I took the opportunity to take some shots at the top.  This time with my 'handsome' face intact. Hmmm!  Did you spot me?

(6) Some shots I took about the morning sunrise.

(7)  Finished my healthy walking exercise at 7.03am

It was really a beautiful  and shinny Saturday.  Since I don't have to fetch my children to school  today, I normally perform more than 5 laps.  I lost count of how many laps I've completed but I could remember it's either 8 or 9 laps.  Phew, a very good exercise indeed, I could even feel the soaking in my underpants. Every person that arrived this morning seems to have an enjoyable walk.  That's a great feeling, isn't it?  Well, this morning the breeze was great unlike yesterday.  I even took the trouble to record a clip of that nice cooling effects.  Try visualising these breeze blowing against your face while on the way down.  Dragging those fresh air filling up your lungs.  Wow, fantastic & sensational!  Take a look should you be interested.

DATELINE : 06-08-2010 (Friday)

(1) I'm really happy 'cos I can perform my healthy walking exercise this morning and started off at 5.54am.  It was raining last night but fortnately it didn't continue. :-)

(2)  My friend, Nabah was earlier than me this morning by 2 laps.  While on my way up on my 1st lap he was on his way done.  Anyway he turned around and joined me.  Previously I did not manage to take a good snapshot of him but today I make sure I don't missed it.

(3) The weather didn't look great this morning.  Is it going to rain?

(4)  The clouds were building up on the opposite end so there's no clear view of Mount Kinabalu today and also no rising sun shot for me either.

(5)  Finished my 5th lap at 6.33am

(6) Nabah posing a nice shot waiting for my snap, why waste it.  Grab it and put it up on my blog.  He looks great, isn't he?

I'm happy to be able to complete my healthy walking exercise this morning with my friend, Nabah.  Luckily it didn't rain like yesterday, urgh!  This morning it's very calm.... no morning breeze blowing against my face to savour.  Where did they blow anyway?

DATELINE : 05-08-2010 (Thursday)

It started raining about 4.50am.  I wish it had stopped but it didn't.  At the time of my writing (6.15am), it's still raining. So no healthy walking exercise for me this morning.  I feel sad 'cos I missed my morning walk. Sigh!  Anyhow, while on the way driving my children to school, I stopped by to take a snapshot. 

DATELINE : 04-08-2010 (Wednesday)

(1) Started my healthy walking exercise at 5.53am.  It's a little dark and gloomy this morning.

(2) The clouds were quite thick.

(3) Managed to capture a clear view of Mount Kinabalu at the opposite end.

(4) Managed to capture a snapshot of this morning sun rise.

(5) Finished my 5th and final lap at 6.27am.  Time to fetch my children to school after this.

I was walking alone this morning. My friends did not turned up.  It's okay, I understand.  Anyhow, never mind about it.  I'm already use to walking alone these days but it would be fun if there're companions around, isn't it?  This morning the breeze was fantastic.  I managed to drag some good breathe of fresh air into my lungs.  Somehow I felt quite lethargy after my 3rd laps onwards.  My energy level was not up to my optimum today. I could feel the difference based on my walking speed, my legs are heavy and tiring.   Could it be due to insufficient sleep?  Maybe....I've been sleeping quite late the past few nights.

DATELINE - 03.08.2010 (Tuesday)

(1) Started my 1st lap at 5.53am. It was dark and gloomy.  Dark clouds covering over my head.  Looked like it's going to rain soon.  I could feel a little drizzle but I continued with my walk.

(2)  The clouds are growing thicker and darker.

(3)  I expect it's going to rain real soon.

(4)  Completed my 5th laps at 6.25am

I did my healthy walking exercise this morning alone.  None of my friends turned up.  Most probably the thick clouds that was building up has dampened their spirits to come.  There's no morning breeze this morning.  I felt hot and exhausted but very happy  I was able to finish my 5 laps without the rain.

I use to send my children to school every day after my morning walk. While on it's way to the school, about half-way it started to rain heavily.  I was damn lucky.  :-)

DATELINE - 02.08.2010 (Monday)

(1) Started my healthy walking exercise this morning at 5.55am

(2) I took a picture of the moon, it's a half-shape today.

(3) This corner stretch is the most challenging part

(4) I can see Mt. Kinabalu, the highest mountain in South East Asia


(5) Enlarge view of Mount Kinabalu

(6) The tallest tree along the healthy walking exercise spot

(7) A good view about early morning sun rise

(8) Finished my 5th laps at 6.30am

None of my friends turned up this morning, so I'm doing the healthy walking exercise alone.  I usually walk quite fast if there're no companions around.  It made me sweat more heavily.  This morning, the breeze was strong. What I enjoyed most is when on the way down with the breeze blowing against your face. while inhaling the freshness into your lungs.  Oh, my, my I feel damn good, refreshing and simply fantastic.

DATELINE - 01.08.2010(Sunday)

Sunday is my rest day so I didn't do my healthy walking exercise this morning.  I normally wake up at around 5.00am each morning after that I won't be able to stay asleep anymore.  What next?  Go downstairs, make sure I drink 3 glasses of water, go to the toilet to ease myself.  Then brushed my teeth afterthat turn on my computer.  Yes, getting online to check my mails so early in the morning. A little crazy??? Hehehe..

Around 7.30am, I use to send my wife and children to church which I never attend.  After dropping them off, I'll do some grocery shoppings around town.  Meet up with my friends, have a nice breakfast, chit-chat with them while waiting for the church service to end afterthat fetching my family home.

Now that my eldest daughter, Josephine has obtained her driving license, it gives me more excuses to be lazy on Sunday,  I can now rely on her to drive my family to church so I can stay at home to spend more time with myself.   I usually spend lots of time in front of my computer on Sundays doing things like.... updating with my new websites, do research on how to build links, optimise website, forum postings, etc.

In the afternoon around 1-2pm, I've to send my second daughter, Jennifer to college which usually take me 3-4 hours in return trip.  Some may wonder why?  Well, every Friday evening I fetch her from college to take her home so that she can enjoy her mom's cooking (she really missed it) which she can't get at her hostel.  I would rather see her at home than letting her stay at the college hostel during weekends.  Moreover physically she's not a very healthy girl and requires lots of attention from her mum.  No, I'm not the one pampering her, it's my wife! :-)
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