Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Sunday Activity

DATELINE : 08.08.2010 (Sunday)

Yahoo, it's sunday today.  I like sunday 'cos it is my rest day.  Free from all working pressures I face daily.  I don't perform any healthy walking exercise this morning which I normally do from Mon - Saturday.  I guess six(6) days of exercise is already good enough for me.  I want to pamper myself to be a "lazy bump" today.  Also, I wanted to spend time posting some articles to update my other blogs.   However there was a sudden power shortages (it is happening quite often in my area lately) which deny me the opportunity at that moment.  This prompted me to go out to do my grocery shopping which not every male likes to do.  Most will leave this chores to their wifes but NOT me.  In fact, to me it's a very interesting activity and  makes me aware how prices of essential goods such as meats, vegetables, eggs, sugar, etc have gone up lately due to recession.  From here you know why your wife is complaining about not having enough money to do her groceries shopping lately.  :-)

(1)  I usually buy my meat from this store where there're plenty of fresh meat to choose from and especially a very friendly pork seller.

(2) Next I went to buy a 'whole' chicken meat.  Whole chicken meat is cheaper than chicken parts 'cos you can't choose the parts as you like not forgetting the labour cost of chopping and separating the parts.

(3) I only bought pork and chicken this morning no vegetables.  Next I proceeded to eat one of my favourite morning dishes called 'Nasi Lemak'.  It's one of the best in my town area.  At times when I arrived late (after 8.00am) it's already sold out.  Judging from here, you know why I said "it's one of the best in town".

My nasi lemak and black coffee

My nephew cum technician, Rayner

I've to rush home after my breakfast.  My wife and children are waiting for the car to attend sunday church service.  It's use to be packed on Sunday so it' better to be early to get some good seats.

My personal opinion is fresh meats are always better than frozen cold storage meat.  When cooked it obviously tastes better.  I guess it's an indisputable fact.  That's one of the reason why I like to do my own grocery shopping.  Not only that I can buy what I like to eat then instruct my wife to cook for me.  She's a good cook and I love her cookings very much.  Sadly not all women cook well, that includes my eldest daughter, Josephine (already 21). Sigh!   Fortunately my second daughter, Jennifer (19) is quite a good cook herself.  Kudos to her for that.  Ladies cooking is another secret weapons to "hook up" your hubbies, also  an important element of being a "Good Wife" as well.  Some of you might argue but I'm an advocator to open discussions.


  1. Hi Jimmy, My husband actually does most of the cooking in our household so he also enjoys doing most of the grocery shopping (he loves to cook and he says it helps him wind down after a long day). I agree that fresh foods are always tastier than frozen--and I almost always go to small markets where the meat and vegetables are locally produced. I really do think it is the way to go.

    Nice blog! Take care!


  2. Hello Melinda,

    Thank you for visiting. I'm the opposite of your husband. I'm not a good cook just like to do my grocery shopping and let my wife do the cooking. You're sure lucky to have a husband who knows how to cook.

  3. I also do my own shopping for grocerys, That way I know what I am getting.

  4. Hi Jimmy, what is nasi lemak??
    Egg and cucumber and??
    I like food shopping but my girlfriend is vegetarian, so I have to cook all my meat!

  5. @Ron,
    Great to know you do your own grocery shopping like me. It's fun anyway.

    Nasi lemak is one of our local delicacies. It's rice cooked with coconut milk and tastes great. It is served with boiled egg, cucumber and fried fish fries (mingled with local spices). Oh! your girlfriend is vegetarian, a buddhist?

  6. I wish we had places like that here to buy fresh meat. Nice blog here, you need to update more often.

  7. @YaGirlNextDoor,
    Thank you for stopping by and the suggestion to update often.


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