Sunday, December 5, 2010

Healthy Walking Exercise - Dec 04, 2010

1)  Started my healthy walking exercise this morning at 5.58am

2)  Pictures taken during the morning walk.

3)  People that came here for the morning exercise.

Cikgu Ahmad, the first to arrived this morning.
My son, Jason and Rayner
En. Rahman
En. Nabah and his motobike, En. Rahman & Cikgu Ahmad

Mr. Anthony
Mrs. Chow
En. Bakrin, the oldest amongst us, 71 years old, strong and healthy.  I gave him a nickname, "Young Man".  He's likely to beat any walker from amongst us with speed if challenged.

Guru Besar, Abel.

4) Completed my 7th or 8th lap at 7.02am, I lost count of it. Moreover my camera lens got soaked with my sweat and denied me the opportunity to take further pictures after my last shot.

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