Monday, October 18, 2010

Healthy Walking Exercise - Oct 18, 2010

1)  Started my healthy walking exercise this morning at 5.55am

2)  Pictures taken during my walk this morning.

3)  Completed my 5th lap at 6.29am

This morning it was just the 2 of us walking, En. Zaratin and myself. I was not feeling well , having  sore throat since yesterday. I don't want to give myself excuses for not coming and I was happy that I came. I felt better after the walk.


  1. Loquat is for cough and lung in Chinese medicine. Sometimes i would take the Ninjiom Pei Pa Koa which is an extract of loquat when got sore throat.

    You can access info online @

  2. @ Katherine Josh,

    Thanks for stopping by and giving me tips to ease my sore throat. Yes, Ninjiom Pei Pa Koa is good for coughing which my mum use to give me when I was a kid.

    I still have not fully recovered yet. Still dried and coughing ocassionally. Hope to get well soon.


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