Saturday, October 23, 2010

Healthy Walking Exercise - Oct 23, 2010

1)  Started my healthy walking exercise this morning at 6.05am

2)  Pictures taken during my walk this morning.

3)  People that came here for the morning walk.

Restoran Borneo & Family

En. Nabah & En. Zaratin

Mr. Tony

Kakak Sabinah

4)  Completed my 6th lap at 6.49am

This morning, we (Nabah, Zaratin & Myself)  arrived here almost at the same time and started off walking together from 1st lap until 6th lap.  There were 2 families that came here (I did not take the picture of the other family), one joining us on our 2nd lap while the other on our 3rd lap.  The family that I did not manage to take their picture completed only 1 lap then left while Restoran Borneo & family completed 3 laps.  Mr. Tony and Kak Sabinah joined us during our 5th lap.

We left after completed our 6th lap while Tony and Sabinah continued with their walk.

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