Saturday, November 20, 2010

Healthy Walking Exercise - Nov 20, 2010

1)  Started my healthy walking exercise this morning at 6.06am

2)  Pictures taken during my walk this morning.

3)  People that came here for the morning walk.

En. Shahrin

Mr. Enselmus

Mr. Anthony

4)  Completed my 10th laps at 7.15am

I was having a very bad cold yesterday with running nose from morning till evening and slept early too at about 8.10pm last night. When I woke up this morning, I wasn't feeling really ok (felt lethargic) but decided to go ahead with my program hoping that it will help with my recovery faster.

Rayner went back to his home town, Tamparuli yesterday evening so I don't have his company this morning. When I reached there, En. Shahrin has already arrived on his way up and I was doing the catch up. While I was almost at the top during my 1st lap he was on his way down. However, he turned around to accompany me up to complete my first lap. It's always nice to walk with the company of friends than walking alone making your walk more entertaining and enjoyable.

There were many other people that came here for the morning walk but I did not make an effort to snap their pictures. I only took the pictures of those that I'm familiar with.

I'm glad that I managed to complete 10 laps this morning, feeling much better now hoping for a speedy recovery. I really hate running noses constantly making me having to blow my noses and spending at least one row of toilet paper to dry up my noses. It's really irritating, uuurgh!

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