Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Healthy Walking Exercise - Nov 24, 2010

1)  Started my healthy walking exercise this morning at 5.55am

2)  Pictures taken during my walk this morning.

3)  People that came here for the morning walk.

En. Nabah, En. Rahman, En. Shahrin, Mr. Rayner

Cikgu Bakrin

Cikgu Ahmad

4)  Completed my 5th lap at 6.31am

Rayner and I started walking together on our 1st lap before En. Shahrin came to join us on our 2nd lap. Towards the end of our 2nd lap, En. Rahman and En. Nabah arrived to join us on our 3rd lap. Then onwards, there were 5 of us walking together until my 5th lap.

Towards the end of my 5th lap, Cikgu Ahmad and Cikgu Bakrin arrived. Rayner and I left while they continued with their walk.

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