Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Healthy Walking Exercise - Nov 3, 2010

1)  Started my healthy walking exercise this morning at 5.59am

2)  Pictures taken during my walk this morning.

3)  People that came here for the morning walk.

Mr. Rayner
En. Nabah & En. Shahrin

4)  Completed my 5th lap at 6.39am

In fact the rain has started since last night and continued until the early hours of this morning.  I was thinking OMG another rainy day again,  I've already missed my walk yesterday, come on, not again this morning!   It was still drizzling five minutes earlier before I came here.

Luckily it stopped so I'm happy that I'm able to perform my morning walk today.  Started off with Mr. Rayner.  While half-way down during our 1st lap, En. Nabah was on his way up while En. Shahrin was about to begin his walk at the starting line way down.

I prefer to walk in group, so Rayner and myself turned around to join Nabah on his 1st lap up.  While reaching the top, we saw Shahrin was running his way up to catch up with us,  so we waited for him to reach the top too.  

So, Nabah and Shahrin completed 5 laps while Rayner and myself completed half a lap more than them.  I felt great after the walk.

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